What do you look for in a letter of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are some of the best sources of information our office receives about you, as they allow us to hear how your mentors, supervisors, and professors view you and your abilities.  

Letters should address your intellectual abilities, personal qualities, and promise for graduate study in religion. At least two of these letters should be solicited from college, university, or seminary professors who have taught you and are well-acquainted with your academic qualifications. MDiv applicants must have one letter that speaks of your ministerial potential, broadly defined. 

Your letters of recommendation should directly address your candidacy for admission to HDS. We recommend that you provide your recommendation providers with a copy of your résumé, statement of purpose, and a link to the program site so that they can write a tailored letter on your behalf. We also encourage you to have at least one or more conversations with each recommendation provider in order to ensure they have the information they need to write a strong letter on your behalf.