What is the Project Proposal for the MRPL Application?

You can access the project proposal form and instructions within the HDS online application for admission. 

Within the program, master of religion and public life (MRPL) students will complete a final project that engages the topic of religion within their profession. The final project will be shaped in consultation with the faculty instructor of the Religion and Public Life Seminar, MRPL candidate peers in the seminar, and the student's faculty advisor. The final project may take one of the following three forms:  

  • A portfolio addressing a particular theme in the intersection of religion and the student's profession. This option could, for example, take the form of a series of case studies, a series of articles, or a portfolio of artistic creations relevant to an articulated theme.; or  

  • Two smaller papers (each normally 20-30 pages in length); or  

  • One large paper (normally 40-60 pages in length) 

All options require approval from the faculty advisor and RPL director by mid-December of the year in which a student is enrolled. Final projects may incorporate work done in courses counting toward fulfillment of the MRPL degree requirements but must also include substantially new materials. Applicants will use the form within the application for admission to provide some preliminary thoughts on their intended MRPL project.