Life at HDS

There is much more to the graduate experience at HDS than time spent in the classroom and in academic study. The richness of activity at HDS, and in the wider Harvard, Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville communities, provides boundless opportunities for engagement and learning.

Students eating in Rock Cafe

Community Life

HDS holistically supports students both in and outside the classroom. Students have access to many personal and academic resources as well as to diverse opportunities for community involvement.

2015 Season of Light service

Spiritual Life

The world's many religions and spiritual traditions are practiced as much as they are studied at HDS, with astonishing variety, texture, criticism, love, and devotion. Learn more.



2015 Seminar class with Dudley Rose

Career Services

Start planning for life after HDS right away with lifetime career resources for students and alumni.

Employers: connect with HDS grads here.


Student Voices

Brooke Davis, MTS '14

“Better policy could be achieved if people embraced the concept of community building and community interest.”

—Brooke Davis, MTS ’14

The Student Experience at HDS

Current students talk about what it's like to be part of the HDS community (Spring 2016 Open House)