Retreats and Quiet Places

CSWR courtyard

Throughout the year, the Office of the Chaplain and Religious and Spiritual Life offers occasional retreats for those who seek time for renewal. Many of the student-run spiritual and religious organizations also sponsor evening and weekend retreats to which all are welcome. We also regularly refer seekers to the many retreat centers in Massachusetts and throughout the Northeast (see a partial list below). Optimally, a retreat won't be a "stolen luxury" in a busy life or an "irresponsible escape" from a politically oppressive world. It can unveil an experience of the Holy, which may become the seedbed of renewed faith, wisdom, courage, and activism. Ideally, a retreat will also become a rule and not an exception; its effects can spill over into daily life, creating a hunger for regular periods of prayer or meditation and renewal.

Quiet places

There are several quiet, beautiful places on and near the campus that are conducive to contemplation and reflection. Some of our favorite sites include:

Outdoor Spaces:

Retreats and contemplative organizations: Regional links

The sites below are maintained by organizations external to Harvard Divinity School; their inclusion here does not necessarily imply endorsement by HDS. If you know of other resources that you think should be considered for inclusion on this page, please email Kerry A. Maloney, the chaplain and director of religious and spiritual life.