Social Justice

HDS Professor Cornel West

Professor Cornel West Co-Hosts New Podcast

June 17, 2020

HDS Professor Cornel West co-hosts the new podcast The Tight Rope, a weekly podcast that takes time to welcome listeners and guests as thought collaborators with West and co-host Brown University Professor Tricia Rose.

Cornell William Brooks

Viralized Injustice: American Health and Democracy

May 22, 2020
"This is a pandemic that hits a country ill-equipped, ill-prepared, that is yet wrestling with literally decades-old racial and ethnic and class disparities and divisions," says Visiting Professor Cornell William Brooks.
Hannah Stohler

Leap of Faith

April 28, 2020
In Nashua, N.H., Hannah Stohler, MDiv '16, leads Marguerite's Place, a transitional housing nonprofit for women and children in crisis that also provides residents with childcare, legal support, mental health counseling employment training, financial education, and peer mentoring as they build independence. 
Abel Rodriguez

Seeking Justice for Migrants

April 16, 2020

The day that Abel Rodriguez won his first asylum case was the best of his career as an immigration attorney. He was overjoyed and his work seemed full of meaning after accompanying his client through a process that was long and stressful but ultimately successful. Then he did the math.

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The Great Hack

Politics of the Unseen

October 30, 2019

Terry Tempest Williams, HDS’s writer-in-residence, and film producer Geralyn White Dreyfous have curated a special film series that is open to the Harvard community as well as the general public, and includes the chance for audience members to engage in discussion with directors, producers, and subjects of the films.... Read more about Politics of the Unseen

Cornell William Brooks

Breaking the Cycle of Systemic Racism

October 25, 2019

In an interview with the Public Health Post, HDS Visiting Professor Cornell William Brooks talks about his career in activism and the fight for social justice.