Student Activities and Interviews

Steven Fisher, MDiv '21

Humans of HDS: Forming Identity, Finding Belonging

April 7, 2021

“I had one interaction with a patient who had trouble talking and had to communicate by writing on notebook paper. And as she struggled to write, she told me that she was preparing to be her husband’s co-caretaker now that they were both in a place of poor health. As a chaplain, to receive that note and see the love that was poured into it was beautiful. That is what ‘holy’ is. I still carry that specific note with me, almost as one would a prayer card,” says Steven Fisher, MDiv '21.... Read more about Humans of HDS: Forming Identity, Finding Belonging

MTS candidate Rebecca J. Nunziato holding her cat

A Crash Course in Decolonizing—From an RV

March 11, 2021
When Rebecca J. Nunziato—the creator behind the “Decolonize Everything” podcast and a first-year graduate student at the Harvard Divinity School—thought about living in a recreational vehicle, she envisioned it would progress naturally from her growing interests in leading a nomadic lifestyle.
HDS student Julia Reimann

Exploring Death, Music, and Spirituality in Field Education

February 10, 2021

HDS MDiv candidate Julia Reimann discusses her field education work with Harps of Comfort, a group of palliative musicians offering virtual music sessions to isolated COVID-19 patients, and how it allowed her to dream up and produce a podcast to further develop her pastoral voice and investigate the intersections of end of life care, spirituality, and music.

People sitting in the Smith Campus Center. Photo by Rose Lincoln

What I Miss Most about Campus since the Pandemic…

February 4, 2021

Members of the Harvard community, including MTS candidate Eboni Nash and Kerry Maloney, HDS chaplain and director of religious and spiritual life, discuss what they hope to see and do again, when COVID passes and we’re together on campus again.