Student Interviews and Activities

Melissa Lago

What Does It Mean to be Awake?

June 5, 2018

The following talk was given on April 28, 2018, by new HDS graduate Melissa Lago at the Bilbao International Literature Festival. This year’s theme was, “Return to nature, a literary utopia,” which sought to pay tribute to Henry David Thoreau and to propose a new way of living based on his work. Melissa’s talk was part of a program to celebrate the translation of Terry Tempest Williams’s book, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place, into Spanish.... Read more about What Does It Mean to be Awake?

Lindsey Franklin and Denson Staples

The Afterlife of Ideas

May 24, 2018

MDiv candidates Lindsey Franklin and Denson Staples were selected by their student colleagues, faculty, and staff as the class speakers for HDS Commencement 2018. The following remarks were delivered by Franklin and Staples at the Diploma Awarding Ceremony on May 24.... Read more about The Afterlife of Ideas

Haley Curtin

Building a Life of Service

May 7, 2018
After studying religion at Harvard, new grad Haley Curtin plans to "effect bigger change" in the world outside of Cambridge.
Benjamin Grimm, Harvard Gazette Photo

Dancer Moves from Stage to the Study of Religion

May 4, 2018

During shopping week, Benjamin Grimm ducked into Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies Diana Eck’s “Religion in India: Texts and Traditions in a Complex Society,” his sixth class of the morning. “I fell in love with it,” he says, laughing. “I was so over my head. I was little white boy from Nowheresville, New York, trying to remember all these names. We read ‘The Mahabharata,’ which has all these crazy lineages. I spent hours in Lamont making diagrams.”