Summer Language Program

June 15–August 6, 2015

Students studying Greek in the library: Steve Gilbert

Harvard Divinity School's Summer Language Program (SLP) is an eight-week, intensive program in language study designed specifically for the curriculum in theological and religious studies taught with a focus on translation and reading comprehension in the foreign language.

The following languages are offered by our proven and outstanding language faculty:

  • Classical Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • New Testament Greek (elementary and intermediate)
  • Christian Latin
  • Biblical Hebrew (elementary and intermediate)
  • Spanish
  • Elementary Pali—NEW for SLP 2015!

Previous knowledge of the language is required for Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, Intermediate New Testament and Hellenistic Greek, and Classical Arabic. All courses cover the material and work (in quality and quantity) that are normally covered in a full course (or two half courses) during the academic year.

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The SLP supports the mission of HDS and the education of our students by allowing them the opportunity to engage in language study designed specifically for the curriculum in theology and religious studies. Summer language study enriches students' ongoing course work and grounds them for future work in academia and ministry. Students from other schools and even other countries travel to the SLP to take advantage of our high-quality instruction and our unique curricular strengths.

The program does not grant degrees. However, students who are admitted to an HDS degree program may count SLP courses toward the course requirements under the normal course restrictions of their program, including specific language study limitations.

For more about the SLP and about HDS degree program language requirements, see pp. 68–72 of the Handbook for Students.

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