Wireless Networking and Printing

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the HDS campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To see all Harvard University buildings with wireless access, view this campus map and look for buildings outlined in red.

How to connect to the HDS wireless network

For a list of the available wireless networks at HDS and instructions on how to connect to them, please visit the Harvard Wireless website. Members of the Harvard community with a valid HarvardKey can authenticate to the "HarvardSecure" network; others can register for guest access using the "Harvard University" wireless network.

Wireless printing

Users of the HDS wireless network can send documents (a.k.a. "print jobs") to a selected number of HDS printers using their own wireless computers and Crimson Cash. Please note that you will need a Crimson Cash account and a Crimson Cash-enabled card (usually your Harvard ID card) to pay for your printing.

Wireless Printing Map
Wireless printing is available in Andover-Harvard Theological Library and Divinity Hall (marked in red), as well as at 60 Oxford Street (not on map).

Wireless printers are located:

In Andover-Harvard Theological Library:

  • In the printer room on the second floor (one color printer and one black-and-white printer)
  • Near the quiet study area on the second floor (one black-and-white printer)
  • To the right of the turnstiles on the first floor (one black-and-white printer)

In Divinity Hall

  • In the southern alcove of the Student Lounge

In 60 Oxford Street

  • On the mezzanine level, adjacent to the mailroom

Printing fees, paid through Crimson Cash, are as follows:

  • 7¢ per page for single-sided black and white
  • 10¢ per page for double-sided black and white
  • 14¢ per page for single-sided color
  • 21¢ per page for double-sided color.

Windows printer driver installation instructions

Please note that these driver installation packages are only available to users located on the Harvard campus. Prior to downloading Windows print drivers shown below, please uninstall any previous versions of the Pharos software that may be on your PC. Download and install the latest driver(s):

If you want to use additional functions, such as extra paper trays and duplexing units, go into your Start Menu, then go to Printers and Faxes and change the properties of the printers to turn those functions on.

Mac printer driver installation instructions

Installation for Macs is slightly more complicated. Please see our instructions for Mac OS X.

Retrieving your printed pages

Once you've finished the install instructions, simply send your print job to the appropriate printer, and you will see the following popups on Windows and Macintosh computers.

Print job pop-up
"Print Job Details" window as it appears on a Windows computer.

Pharos popup window as it appears on a Macintosh computer.
In the first field, create a username for yourself. It can be anything you like; just remember what you type, because you will need to retype it at the print release station. Then, in the second field, type in a description for the job. Any description will do; just make it one that you will be able to identify easily.

Please note that, since print jobs do not require a robust username/password combination to retrieve, we do not recommend the use of this system for the printing of confidential information.

Once the job is sent:

Go to where the printer is located. Nearby, you will find a print release station. Move the mouse and type in your username at the prompt. Swipe your HUID/Crimson Cash card when asked. You will be presented with a list of all of your print jobs. Select the one you would like to print, and you will be told how much it will cost. When you click on the Print button, your jobs will go through to the printer, and your Crimson Cash account will be charged.

If you have a problem with a print job, or if you have any other questions:
Contact the Harvard University Information Technology Service Desk via email to ithelp@harvard.edu or by phone at 617.495.7777.