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Harvard Divinity School is committed to providing a welcoming and accessible environment. Our collaborative approach helps ensure that students with disabilities may access and participate in the array of academic, cultural, and community activities available at the school and in the wider Harvard community.

In order to receive accommodations a student must register with the Office of Student Life. The assistant dean for student affairs, Steph Gauchel, upon review of medical documentation, will determine eligibility and make accommodations to assist students with disabilities. The process may require consultation with treatment providers and the University Disability Office. The process is confidential and accommodations will be reasonable and appropriate to the academic context of each course or activity. Alterations that would fundamentally alter a degree program and requirements are not considered accommodations and accommodations cannot be made retroactively. For more information or to register, please email Steph Gauchel.

Harvard University Disability Services

Our school works in close collaboration with Harvard University's disability coordinator. Certain accessibility services are coordinated through that office in collaboration with the host school's local disability coordinator, such as parking, building accessibility, off-campus housing, and transportation services. If you have questions, please email Steph Gauchel regarding the appropriate contact person for your request.

Disability Van Service

The Daytime Van Service is designed for persons who, because of physical impairment or medical condition, find it extremely difficult or impossible to use the regular fully accessible shuttle bus. This service operates year round, except for designated holidays, throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses and is available to faculty, staff, and students.

All students wishing to use the van service must register with the HDS assistant dean for student affairs, Steph Gauchel. All guests of Harvard wishing to request use of the van service must be approved by University Disability Services (; 617.495.1859). If you receive approval, you must call to arrange for pick up.

The service normally operates from 8 am until 7 pm, Monday through Friday, and 12:30pm to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, with reduced hours during the summer months and recess periods. Please call 617.495.0400 for more information or to schedule a ride.

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Harvard Divinity School was established in 1816 as the first nonsectarian theological school in the country, and the second graduate professional faculty (after the Medical School) of Harvard University.
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